Making a fashion statement with cell phone covers

´╗┐Making a fashion statement with cell phone covers

Just ten years ago, cell phones were a newish development in communications technology. If you had a cell phone, you were on the cutting edge. Today, rare is the individual who doesn’t own at least one.

Cell phones provide security and peace of mind for parents when their children are equipped with their own cell phones. The kids can be contacted at any time to be sure they’re safe. Kids and teens, naturally enjoy being able to call their friends – frequently. Although the cell phone cover serves to afford some protection to the cell phone from careless handling, these phone covers are also fashion items. Cell phone covers come in every color and finish you can imagine. Even fashion-conscious adults love these decorative cell phone accessories.

Just as hats and briefcases can express your personality, cell phone covers are the techy fashion statement equivalent. Teens often have as many phone covers as hats or shoes. After all, these cell phone accessories are always on display. Girls may enjoy showing their feminine side with a bright pink, lavender or powder blue phone cover. There are models with patterned designs, fake jewels, metallic and even holographic finishes. Boys tend towards the macho look, from cool Goth to radical looking psychedelic models.

Due to the fashion accessory function, teens may change their cover daily to match their attire or the occasion. Teens also often change clothes multiple times in a single day, as any mother’s laundry basket will attest. It’s fortunate indeed that these fashionable phone covers require no laundering!

Many parents foot the bill for the cell phone, but once they see the appetite for, and variety of the covers, this cell accessory becomes an out-of-your-allowance item. Individually, cell phone covers are inexpensive, but when you get into a couple of dozen, those dollars can start adding up. However, teens don’t mind. Their cool collection can be acquired over time and it’s an absolute must-have for every teen.

Younger kids are not such avid consumers, but they’ll have one or two anyway. Cartoon and movie characters are popular themes with the youngsters.

Adults tend to look for elegant, sophisticated or just plain exotic versions of the cell phone cover, but may not have so many in their cell accessory ‘wardrobe’.

Cell phones are here to stay, as are cell phone covers. Fashion and fun never go out of style.

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